Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where is the camp at?

The camp will be held in the Provo, Utah area.  After registering you will receive exact information on a location/dates/times/etc. through the email and physical address you provide.    

2.  What do I need to wear?

Our camp will be a very active camp. Active wear/tennis shoes are perfect attire.  

3.  So how much is the camp?

Girl Day Camp:

There is a $20 non-refundable fee for the day camp.  

Teen Camp:
There is a $15 registration fee and a $60 camp fee equaling a total of $75 dollars.  Discounts and early bird prices will be available until May 1st.  

4.  What do my fees pay for?

Girl Day Camp:

Camp shirt, supplies, insurance, speaker/staff, and other various camp products/activities.

Teen Camp:

Camp t-shirt, 2 meals a day, Ropes Course fee, Insurance & facility fees, speaker/staff, bus transportation, and other various camp products/activities.  

5.  What will I get out of the camp?  

Friends, fun, and skills to help you as a leader!  The goal of this camp is to give girls the skills, resources, and confidence they need to lead.  This camp will help them overcome obstacles unique to women as well as help them see the need for their individual leadership.  

6.  If I sign up with a friend can I be in the same group as them?  

Absolutely!  We will likely limit this to just one of your friends in your same group so that you can get to know others but after registering we will send out a questionnaire where you can request to be with your friend.  

7.  What is the schedule/times of the camp? 

Information coming soon! 

8.  What if I've never been in leadership before? 

All the more reason for you to come!  We would love young women from all backgrounds to attend.  If you have been in leadership, great!  Come contribute!  If you've never been in leadership, great! Come contribute!  All are welcome.  

9.  Is this an overnight camp?

No this is not an overnight camp.  However if you are from out of town and would like to attend, Empower Her Leadership would be happy to help you find hotel and travel accommodations.  

10.  I cannot afford to attend this camp but want to come, what should I do?

Empower Her Leadership recognizes that not everyone has the financial means to attend a camp like this.  Though we cannot fund multiple people for free, we will do our best to help you find ways to get a scholarship and fundraise for the camp.  Please fill out the "contact form" for more information and assistance!